Cosmetic Dentistry Vienna, VA

Cosmetic dentistry improves your teeth and gums’ look, function, and health. Dr. Matthew Gerald helps patients with stained, chipped, crooked, and damaged teeth receive the smile of their dreams. Improving the look of your smile can be the drive you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Patients with brighter and more gorgeous smiles are more likely to visit the dentist regularly. They are also more likely to continue to care for their oral hygiene at home.

Dr. Gerald closely checks your mouth to find the best cosmetic dental option to fit your needs. He also notes each patient’s goals, budget, and dental history. Knowing the needs of each patient allows Dr. Gerald to provide custom oral health treatments and dental services.

Cosmetic dentistry in Vienna, Virginia

Cosmetic Dentistry in Vienna, VA

Cosmetic dental treatments focus on improving the look of your teeth and overall mouth. However, we offer cosmetic procedures that improve the beauty of your smile and the function of your mouth. We can create smile makeover treatment plans that include procedures from many disciplines. Learn more about how our cosmetic dental procedures can address minor to major problems below.

Porcelain Veneers

Our porcelain veneers can cover dark, chipped, cracked, or short teeth. Made of thin shells of porcelain ceramic, our dental veneers create a brighter and more uniform smile. Porcelain veneers are also a longer-lasting treatment than other cosmetic options, such as dental bonding. We can also color-match dental veneers, so they blend in with real teeth or appear brighter than the enamel base.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding treatment uses a biocompatible tooth-colored material. Your dentist will shape it onto areas of tooth damage or staining. Dental bonding is a good option for patients with minor tooth damage. Because treatment with dental bonding is quick and simple, it is ideal for patients who are new to cosmetic treatment. The only downside to bonding is that it does not last as long as veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a quick and efficient way to brighten the look of your beautiful smile. Our team always makes sure that whitening treatment is comfortable for our patients. Because we use high-quality bleaching agents to whiten the tooth enamel, they can brighten the teeth by many shades. Teeth whitening treatment is a great option for patients who are going to special events. Events such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many people think that cosmetic dentistry is just for the aesthetics of your smile. But cosmetic problems often come from underlying oral health issues. Fixing these issues can give you a smile you want to show off, but it can also help you improve your oral health. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to have a white, even smile that’s also healthy.

For example, crooked teeth are a common cosmetic issue. Crooked teeth often overlap and get cramped, making them hard to clean in between them. There are little nooks and crannies you may not be able to reach while brushing and flossing. Debris and bacteria build up in these places, putting you at a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your smile makes it easier to clean.

But crooked teeth and other cosmetic issues can also cause an uneven bite. Uneven bites mean that your bite doesn’t come together in the proper way. Certain teeth have to deal with more pressure than others, so they wear down faster than others and are more susceptible to breaking or chipping. TMJ disorders come with uneven bites, too. They cause problems with your jaw joint, pain, and other issues.

Many of our cosmetic dentistry services can assist with multiple issues. Porcelain veneers and dental bonding both take care of almost any cosmetic problem you have. Porcelain veneers cover both the front and sides of your teeth, and bonding material can be molded into any likeness. Veneers are a permanent solution, while bonding is temporary and removable.

Cosmetic Dental FAQs

Want to know more about cosmetic dental services? Read the answers to commonly asked questions about these treatments below.

How does dental bonding compare to porcelain veneers?

Although tooth bonding and veneers can treat the same dental problems, they differ in treatment time, planning, and longevity. Porcelain veneers offer a stain-free and longer-lasting treatment. However, dental bonding is a more economical and quicker treatment. Dental bonding is best for minor concerns, while veneers can cover a broader area of damage.

Will dental insurance cover cosmetic dental care?

Dental insurance does not normally cover cosmetic dental treatments. This is because insurance providers cover treatments they deem necessary for good oral health. However, we will work with you to fully use your insurance benefits.

How can I whiten my teeth if I have deep stains?

Patients with deep tooth stains resistant to teeth whitening treatment can receive dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These cosmetic treatments cover the tooth enamel with materials that the dentist color-matches to your real teeth. Using a biocompatible material or shells of porcelain ceramic, we can brighten a single stained tooth or your whole smile.

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