General Dentistry Vienna, VA

Dr. Matthew Gerald is a general dentist who helps patients get the oral health care they need in Vienna. He provides preventative dental care with modern dental services. Routine visits and preventive dental treatments help patients better maintain their smiles.

Dr. Gerald encourages his patients to visit his office for biannual visits or every six months. During these visits, both Dr. Gerald and his team can keep track of the needs of their patients and catch growing dental problems.

General dentistry in Vienna, Virginia

General Dentistry by Matthew Gerald, DDS

Our dental practice’s preventive dental care goes beyond a teeth cleaning and exam. General dentistry helps prevent infections, tooth damage, and even missing teeth. Read about our many preventive oral health services to learn more.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

You need a custom mouthguard if you or your child play contact sports like lacrosse, hockey, football, or basketball. Professional sports mouthguards conform to the teeth and make it easy to speak and play without distractions. Patients can prevent tooth damage or loss when they wear a professional sports mouthguard. Learn more about your custom mouthguard options, visit Custom mouthguard.

Emergency Dentistry

Severe tooth pain, lost teeth, excessive bleeding, and broken dental restorations are some of the most common dental emergencies. We can address your dental emergency in our Vienna, Virginia office. If you have a sudden emergency, contact our office as soon as possible so we can get you in promptly. In the meantime, learn about some tips that you can do in the event of a dental emergency here: Emergency dentistry.

Family Dentistry

Whether you require treatment for yourself or your child, we can help. We are able to treat patients of all ages under one roof at our family dental practice. Our dental team helps parents learn how to care for their child’s teeth. We provide pediatric services for children, cosmetic treatments for most ages, and restorative services for all patients. To learn more about the family dental services we can provide to your entire family, see Family dentistry.

Dental Sedation

Do you or a loved one have dental fear or anxiety? Have you avoided visiting the dentist out of nervousness? Dr. Gerald provides dental sedation for pain-free and relaxing office visits. We can provide oral-conscious sedation or nitrous oxide, whether you are getting a routine treatment or many complex dental procedures. To learn about your dental sedation options that we provide at our office, see Sedation dentistry.

Tooth Extractions

Your dentist may need to remove severely infected, impacted, or overcrowded teeth for the health of surrounding teeth. We offer simple and complex tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal.

Although not all patients with wisdom teeth require extraction, many patients may find that they have impacted wisdom teeth. Contact us for treatment if you notice pain or swelling in your mouth. To learn about our tooth removal services, see Tooth extraction. Our dentist can also replace extracted teeth using restorative dental services.

The Importance of Preventative Care

General dentistry and preventative care are the basis of your oral health. Preventative care must be done in the dentist office and with you at home. No matter how diligent you are about brushing and flossing at home, you still need to visit the dentist.

There are certain areas you can’t reach with at-home brushes and floss. Specialized dental tools are the only thing that can get in these areas. Without regular dental cleanings, bacteria and debris build up in these problem areas, putting you at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

But we don’t just do cleanings in the office. We also do a thorough oral examination. Oral health conditions like gum disease and oral cancer have early warning signs that are really subtle.

Many people won’t be able to notice them without knowing what they’re looking for. With our advanced training, we recognize those early warning signs when they happen. This saves you the expense of more invasive treatment options for further-progressed conditions.

We’re also adamant about patient education. A well-balanced diet is one of the best things to help manage your oral health. It’s also essential for you to brush and floss regularly. We’ll recommend things for your diet and the best oral healthcare tools to use. If we think you’re predisposed to certain oral health conditions, we may recommend products to help you with those.

Age-Specific Dentistry

As a family dentist, our office takes care of patients of all ages. Different oral health problems impact patients of different ages. Toddlers and younger children are most likely to suffer from tooth decay. They have diets higher in sugar and aren’t as good at brushing their teeth. We may recommend dental sealants. These are an extra layer of protection painted onto the most vulnerable parts of teeth to help protect against bacteria.

As a teen or young adult, wisdom teeth begin to erupt. Usually, our mouths don’t have enough room for this extra set of molars. If your wisdom teeth erupt, it means cramped and crooked teeth. Wisdom teeth can also be impacted and stuck below the surface of your gums. These can cause pain and infection. We’ll monitor the growth of your wisdom teeth and help you avoid problems with them.

When we age, the years take their toll on our smiles, just like the rest of our bodies. Tooth discoloration, worn teeth, and missing teeth are all more likely the older we get. Porcelain veneers are ideal for many of these cosmetic dental problems, including tooth discoloration.

We offer dental implants and multiple other methods to replace missing teeth. We’ll have a consultation with you to determine the best tooth replacement option for you.

General Dental FAQs

Want to know more? Read the answers to some questions we hear about this type of care below.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Patients should visit the dentist biannually or every six months. At routine visits, we thoroughly examine the teeth and gums to take note of any growing dental concerns. Our team also removes plaque and harmful bacteria from the mouth. If you are more at risk of developing oral health problems, we recommend that you visit our office more frequently.

When should I bring my child to their first dental visit?

We recommend that parents bring their children to the dentist about six months after their first tooth erupts. At your child’s first visit, our team will be able to answer your questions about caring for their teeth and gums. We will also clean and examine their teeth and gums.

Can sports mouthguards treat TMJ?

No, we do not recommend that patients use sports mouthguards to treat jaw pain or teeth clenching and grinding. Dentists craft ports mouthguards from thicker plastic that doesn’t hold up to grinding. Oral appliances for TMJ symptoms specifically prevent damage from teeth grinding.

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