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As an experienced restorative dentist, Dr. Gerald offer several restorative dental services to replace any number of missing teeth. If you are missing one or several consecutive teeth, Dr. Gerald can provide you with a dental bridge in Vienna, VA. He will work with you to create a custom dental treatment plan that meets your oral health concerns.

A dental bridge is a dental prosthetic that restores consecutive missing teeth. Dr. Gerald will help patients discover the best dental restoration for their needs, whether it’s a dental bridge, denture, or implants.

Dental Bridges in Vienna, Virginia

Removable vs. Fixed Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is essentially a row of teeth fused together to make one dental prosthetic. There are several ways to secure a bridge. A removable dental bridge is not a permanent solution for your missing teeth. They are typically used as a temporary solution while the final fixed bridge is being created in a dental lab. This is because removable bridges do not help retain the bite.

Removable dental bridges may cost less than fixed options, but they do not come with long-term benefits. Alternatively, fixed dental bridges have more support in the form of natural teeth covered by crowns or dental implants.

A dental bridge that is supported by dental implants is the best treatment for patients missing several consecutive teeth. This method of replacing teeth does not involve harming remaining. Additionally, they create a stable foundation for the bridge because they restore the teeth at their root. Two or more implant fixtures are inserted into the jawbone during a surgical procedure.

It takes about three to six months for them to fuse with the bone. Then a custom-made dental bridge will be made to attach to them. The dental bridge will be very stable allowing you to eat a greater variety of food. Dr. Gerald collaborates with local oral surgeons and dental specialists for the surgical implantation portion of the treatment.

Dental Bridge in Vienna, VA

If you decide to get a fixed bridge that is not secured to dental implants, the process will be faster and cost less. In this case, two dental crowns (which are located on each of the bridge) will be secured to two adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place. These two adjacent teeth have to be reduced significantly to make room for the crowns.

To fabricate the bridge, we take dental impressions. These dental impressions are sent to a dental lab. Once complete, we will cap off the natural adjacent teeth with crowns to secure the bridge. Then we will ensure that the dental bridge feels comfortable and is stable in the mouth.

Dental Bridge FAQs

What happens if you get a cavity under a bridge?

If you have a dental bridge and develop a cavity underneath it, your only options are to get a new bridge or get a dental implant. Two new crowns can support your bridge if you opt for a dental implant to replace your missing tooth.

Can a bridge be removed and put back on?

When a bridge becomes loose, it can usually be removed, repaired, and then recemented back into place. With this in mind, it is important to remember that the cement used to bond a bridge in place is long-lasting and it is not always possible to remove a bridge without damaging the support of the teeth on either side of the gap.

How many teeth can you have on a dental bridge?

Bridges can replace anywhere from one to four missing teeth. Most people only end up needing to replace a single tooth or two. In some cases , if there are enough healthy teeth in the mouth to connect with dental crowns, a dental bridge can replace up to four teeth.

How long do dental bridges last?

A dental bridge can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of a  dental bridge depends on the patient’s diligence in caring for their teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene.

What is better: an implant or a bridge?

Since dental implants are more long-lasting than bridges, they can protect your teeth for the rest of your life. The implant’s titanium cylinder is extremely resistant to gum disease and tooth decay. Both are good options, however,  implants are more secure and longer lasting.

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