Fix Aesthetic Problems from Gum Disease

About half of adults in the United States will suffer from gum disease at some point in their lives. This infection of the gum tissue begins with irritation of the gums due to excess bacteria. But as bacteria spread, you can experience serious and irreversible damage to the gums, teeth, and jawbone.

You will need treatment from your dentist to get rid of gum disease. But sometimes you may notice aesthetic concerns that linger in your smile even after treating this infection. If you feel unhappy with your smile’s appearance, you might suffer a blow to your overall confidence.

You can speak to your dentist to amend cosmetic dental problems and feel proud of your smile in the wake of this oral infection. Check out three aesthetic issues that can develop in your smile because of gum disease as well as how to fix them.

Fix Aesthetic Problems from Gum Disease

Puffy Gums

One of the symptoms of the early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is swelling in the gum tissue. This happens because bacteria irritate the gum tissue enough to create inflammation. This can leave your gums looking puffy and red, and you might feel self-conscious about the way they look in your smile.

Swelling in your gums should go away when your dentist treats gum disease. This is because your dentist treats the infection by thoroughly cleaning your smile to remove plaque and excess bacteria from the teeth and gums. Without these residues irritating the tissue, you will see reduced puffiness in the gums.

Dental Misalignment

As gum disease progresses without prompt intervention from a dentist, not only will gum tissue begin to swell, but it can also recede. This combination of swelling and receding in the gums can affect the position of your teeth in your mouth as well.

As a result, you might notice that your teeth become crooked even after your dentist treats gum disease. Misaligned teeth can make it harder for your toothbrush and floss to clean your smile as needed. So you could have a higher risk of cavities along with feeling unhappy about gaps between your teeth.

Major alignment concerns in your smile may need attention from an orthodontist. But your dentist can close gaps in your teeth, including black triangles, with cosmetic tooth bonding treatment. The composite resin will make your smile appear straighter while also giving you a gorgeous and natural-looking finish.

Missing Teeth

If gum tissue recedes due to advanced gum disease, you might notice that the teeth may start to feel loose in the sockets without tissue support. Then the teeth may fall out. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

You will still see gaps in your smile due to missing teeth after your dentist eradicates gum disease. But you can work with your dentist to restore your smile by seeking tooth replacement treatment.

Dental implants, for instance, can offer long-lasting restoration of your smile’s aesthetics and function while also preventing further dental harm. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to find the best way to restore your oral health.