Custom Mouthguard Vienna, VA

Adults and children alike wear mouthguards during contact sports to protect their teeth and gums from injury. Sports like basketball, football, lacrosse, or hockey require physical contact between players, increasing the risk of damage to the teeth and gums.

If you or your child participates in these types of sports, Dr. Matthew Gerald can offer you a custom mouthguard in Vienna, VA. Our sports mouthguards provide the best layer of protection for the teeth and gums. They are affordable, and your dentist can quickly make them in a single office visit.

Custom Mouthguard in Vienna, Virginia

The Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

A professional sports mouthguard offers many benefits to patients. Because our mouthguards offer a custom fit, they will not easily fall out or distract players during a game.

Store-bought sports mouthguards are not custom to each patient, and they are often uncomfortable during play. This also makes it difficult for players to speak or communicate on the court or field. They also do not protect the teeth, gums, and soft tissues in the mouth as well.

The materials used to make custom mouthpieces are superior to the store-bought kind. Consequently, they are able to offer better impact protection. A custom mouthguard can save you thousands of dollars in dental emergencies.

Furthermore, you can still use them if you have braces or other dental appliances. They can actually protect the braces from damage and from harming the soft tissues in your mouth if trauma occurs.

Receiving a Sports Mouthguard

To begin treatment, we take dental impressions of the teeth to ensure that the mouthguard fits properly. We will send these impressions to a dental lab to create the mouthguard. When the mouthguard is complete, we will ensure it feels comfortable in your mouth.

You can clean your sports mouthguard with warm water and soap. Do not wash your mouthguard with hot water, as this can warp the plastic. Once the mouthguard is clean, you can store it in your case.

We recommend that patients replace their mouthguards every sports season or whenever they outgrow their mouthguards. It is especially important to get a new mouthguard if you have one that is older than a year. A mouthguard that fits and conforms to the teeth provides the most protection and comfort.

Mouthguards and TMJ

Oral appliances, or night guards, can treat bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders. However, you cannot use sports mouthguards as a treatment for these conditions because they consist of thick plastic that can withstand impact, not withstand constant grinding.

Temporomandibular joint issues can be a painful and debilitating condition. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help alleviate the symptoms. One of the most effective treatments is an oral appliance. These appliances can reduce pain and improve jaw function by realigning the jaw and providing support for your facial muscles. By wearing an oral appliance, patients can experience relief from their TMJ issues without having to undergo surgery or take medication.

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, causes damage to the teeth and can lead to cracks and chips in the tooth enamel. We can provide patients with custom night guards for TMJ issues. Patients need to wear TMJ night guards at night to prevent tooth damage and alleviate jaw pressure. To learn more about treating TMJ/TMD issues, see TMJ Treatment.

Taking Care of Your Custom Mouthguard

Keeping your mouthguard clean and safe is essential. Bacteria love nothing more than a warm, wet environment. If you simply take your mouthguard out and throw it somewhere, it’s a haven for bacteria. They can make you severely sick, or even lead to hospitalization and death if you don’t take care of the mouthguard.

Every time you take it out of your mouth, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. This removes debris and helps prevent plaque buildup. Never use hot, as water that’s too hot can warp the mouthguard material. Clean the mouthguard daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste. Harder bristles or more abrasive products can damage the mouthguard and create grooves for bacteria to stow away in.

Deep clean the mouthguard weekly. You can use denture cleaner to soak the mouthguard for a directed amount of time for a deeper clean. When you’re done cleaning your mouthguard, put it in a safe place to air-dry. It should be in a ventilated area to discourage any bacteria growth.

Having a case for your mouthguard helps keep it safe when it’s not in use. You’re less likely to use it if you know you have a designated case for it. Make sure the case has ventilation to keep fresh air flowing throughout and keeping it dry. You should also clean the inside of the case regularly, too. The case isn’t a safe place for your mouthguard if it’s going to be a haven for bacteria.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

How should a custom mouthguard fit?

You shouldn’t need to bite or hold your mouthguard in order for it to fit snugly against your upper teeth. Your mouthguard does not fit properly if you must bite down to keep it in place. The mouthguard should stay firmly in place on your top teeth without slipping or moving.

How long do custom-made mouthguards last?

If you take good care of your custom mouthguard, it should last you anywhere from three to five years! However, as a general rule of thumb, we advise replacing your mouthguard once a year due to general deterioration from usage.

What are custom mouthguards made of?

Custom mouthguards consist of a thermoplastic polymer. We take precise measurements of each patient’s mouth to create a custom mold. Fit, ease of speech, comfort, and retention are some of the benefits of using a custom-fit mouthguard.

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