Step-By-Step Dental Crown Procedure

If you sustain an injury or gradual damage to a tooth, the enamel, or outer layer, will not heal itself. However, our dentist can repair the health, appearance, and structure of this tooth with restorative solutions like dental crowns.

This ceramic cap covers a damaged tooth to enhance its look and function and shield it from further harm. Though its advantages seem clear, you might feel nervous about undergoing dental work.

Knowing what to anticipate from this dental procedure can help you feel confident and calm in the dentist’s chair. Read on to discover each step of the dental crown process.

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Evaluate Your Dental Health

Before beginning treatment with a dental crown, our dentist will first want to evaluate your existing dental structure. They will look at the affected tooth, determine the extent of the damage, and treat other issues with it and the rest of the mouth. Then they will confirm that a crown will best restore and enhance the tooth.

Prepare the Affected Tooth

If you and our dentist agree to pursue dental crown treatment, they will start by preparing the tooth in question. This will involve shaving a minute amount of enamel to make room for the ceramic cap. You will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area and avoid any potential discomfort. Because of the nature of this work on your enamel, crowns are considered a permanent solution since the enamel will be gone for good.

Take Impressions of Your Smile

Directly after preparing the surface of the tooth, a dentist will take impressions of it using 3D dental imaging technology. This will capture the likeness of the tooth which a dentist can then use to make a customized fixture that will fit comfortably and appear natural in your smile. The wireless scanning device will offer accurate and precise details for optimal results.

Construct Your Dental Crown

You will receive a temporary crown over your tooth to wear while the dentist builds your personalized permanent dental crown. This process can take two or more weeks as they construct it in their dental lab.

They consider the impression, your dental needs, and your desired results when making this crown. They can factor in your smile aesthetic goals as well to ensure a gorgeous finish.

Secure Cap Over Your Tooth

You will return to our dentist’s office once your permanent dental crown is ready. The dentist can easily remove the temporary crown and use dental cement to seal your new crown into place over the tooth.

They will check your bite to ensure it fits properly and will not interfere with your oral functions. Follow aftercare instructions from our dentist to ensure your new fixture settles in your mouth properly.

Once in place, the crown can last for fifteen years or longer. Though durable, a crown might chip or dislodge under abnormal pressures. Call our dentist if you sustain damage to a crown in order to receive urgent repair or replacement for your dental work.