Try Veneers for Smile Enhancement

Do you notice aesthetic flaws in your smile? If you do not feel confident in your smile’s appearance, your overall self-esteem can suffer. However, your dentist can consider your smile aesthetic goals and offer personalized cosmetic dental solutions like porcelain veneers.

These custom-made caps adhere to the front of your teeth to build the beautiful, natural-looking smile of your dreams. You can look forward to stunning, durable results, but you might feel better when you know details about the advantages of these fixtures. Read on to learn about four of the many cosmetic dental benefits that porcelain veneer treatment can bring to your smile.

Try Veneers for Smile Enhancement

Brighten Tooth Color

Many people strive to achieve a pearly white smile, but your teeth could become dark, stained, yellow, or dull over time for a number of reasons. Not all dental discoloration will respond to teeth whitening treatment. But your dentist can use porcelain veneers to cover stubborn stains and make your smile look brighter.

The color-matching capability of veneers will ensure you can achieve a tooth color that looks both beautiful and authentic to your unique smile. Plus, porcelain will resist staining so that you can enjoy long-lasting smile enhancement without worrying about damaging the color.

Close Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between your teeth can disrupt the appearance of your smile. But you might also struggle with food becoming trapped in your teeth while you eat. Porcelain veneers can fit on your teeth to close gaps, getting rid of food traps and making your smile straighter and fuller. This will boost your smile’s aesthetic as well as your dental health by improving your ability to complete adequate oral hygiene.

Fix Minor Tooth Breakage

Your teeth are strong enough to withstand everyday pressures from chewing and biting without issue. But sometimes extreme circumstances may cause a tooth to chip or crack. This tooth breakage can alter the appearance of your smile. But these injuries can also deepen and worsen, making your smile vulnerable to further damage.

Severely broken teeth will need restorative dental treatment to fix. But smaller cracks or chips can be fixed with porcelain veneers. The caps cover the damaged teeth, and the bonding that adheres the veneer to the tooth will also create a seal to protect the tooth from further harm.

Veneers can stay in place for fifteen years with proper care. The durable material ensures you can continue your usual oral functions without worrying about breaking your new fixtures.

Make Your Smile Even

Sometimes your teeth can wear down in shape over time. In some instances, the teeth might grow with an irregular appearance. If your teeth seem crooked or misshapen, your dentist can use porcelain veneers to fix these cosmetic concerns.

Dentists consider the size and shape of your natural teeth along with your aesthetic goals to build personalized veneers. Then your smile can look gorgeous without disrupting your bite. Call your dentist today to learn if veneers will suit your unique smile.